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Dec. 1, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Completes Software Development Agreement with the Release of GEMS™ 4.0
Nov. 24, 2014   Cardiocomm Solutions To Migrate Existing MARS® Event Software Users To GEMS™ WIN
Oct. 28, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Confirms Therapeutics Goods Administration Clearance For The Sale Of GEMS™ WIN In Australia
Oct. 16, 2014   Cardiocomm Solutions Announces Completion Of iMedical Sale Transaction And The Start Of Software Development For Wearable GSM And Mobile Cardiac Telemetry ECG Monitoring
Oct. 8, 2014   CardioComm Solutions, Inc. Confirms Vendor Clearance for Sales into U.S. Federal Government Agencies and Armed Forces.
Oct. 1, 2014   CardioComm Solutions to Launch HeartCheck™ Technology for Atrial Fibrillation Screening and Stroke Prevention Trial in Canadian Rexall Pharmacies
Sept. 23, 2014   CardioComm Solutions executes custom software development and royalty agreements with iMedical Innovations, Inc. for wearable GSM enabled ECG monitoring
Sept. 17, 2014   CardioComm Solutions and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada partner to perform community based ECG screening in support of the "Screen for Atrial Fibrillation Everwhere (SAFE)" study.
Sept. 15, 2014   CardioComm Solutions, Inc. Announces Termination Of Letter Of Intent
Sept. 11, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Is Listed By The FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute As An ECG Cloud Services Provider For Use By Air Medical Examiners
Sept. 02, 2014   UK-based Arrhythmia Alliance to Highlight CardioComm Solutions’ HeartCheckTM PEN ECG Device on its Website
August 14, 2014   GEMS™ WIN For Windows 7 Software Upgrade Launch Yields Early Wins For Cardiocomm Solutions, Inc.
August 6, 2014   CardioComm Solutions, Inc. Completing Corporate Restructuring to Focus on Sales and Marketing
July 31, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Closes Second Tranche of Equity Financing
July 28, 2014 to Provide Internet-Based Pharmacy Sales of Cardiocomm Solutions’ Heartcheck™ Pen ECG Device
July 24, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Closes Equity Financing
July 11, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Announces Equity Financing Opportunity With Insider Participation
June 16, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Completes Joint Venture Licensing and Service Agreement with USA based Vigilance, Inc. for Entry into the USA Based Outpatient Cardiac Monitoring Markets
May 31, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Issues Shares for Debt
May 28, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Establishes Research Partnership with University of Texas at Austin for HeartCheck™ ECG Services in Clinical Neuroendocrinology
May 14, 2014   CardioComm Solutions' HeartCheck™ ECG PEN and GEMS™ Home Receive China Food and Drug Administration Clearance
May 09, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Updates GEMS™ Arrhythmia Management Software License Agreement
Apr 11, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Announces Issuance of Stock Options and Shares
March 28, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Announces Release of GEMS™ Windows 7 Compatible, Remote Patient Monitoring Technology
Feb.25, 2014   FDA Clears CardioComm Solutions’ GUAVA II ECG Viewer with ECG Acquisition, Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting Capabilities as a Class II Medical Device
Feb.20, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Issues Stock Options
Feb.07, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Completes Technology Pilot in the Long-Term Patient Care Market with the HeartCheck™ ECG Monitor and SMART Monitoring ECG Service Technologies
Jan.31, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Closes Second Tranche of Equity Financing
Jan.23, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Executes Distribution and Co-Marketing Agreement to Promote HeartCheck? PEN Sales and SMART Monitoring Services
Jan.22, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Secures $500,000 in GEMS' 4 and GUAVA Software License Agreement
Jan.21, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Closes First Tranche of Equity Financing
Jan.9, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Re-Prices Previously Announced Equity Financing
Jan.8, 2014   CardioComm Solutions Appoints Industry Veteran as VP Sales and Marketing
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CardioComm Solutions, Inc. is very excited to accept the 2012 North American Cardiac Rhythm Monitoring Technology Enabling Technology Award.

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" With a history of excellence in the Medical industry reaching back to the early 1990s, the medical software company, CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (CardioComm) continues to be a leader in ECG management technologies."
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"Hidden strengths thrive in the local tech market "

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ECG test may signal heart attack risk in elderly

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Usefulness of Continuous Electrocardiographic Monitoring for Atrial Fibrillation

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